Jon Schmidt

Maintenance Engineer

OFFICE: 704-442-0222
DIRECT PHONE: 1-844-RING-FHP (7464-347)

Mr. Schmidt joined Flagship as a service technician in September of 2018. In this role, Jon oversees maintenance of 2 surgery centers in the Charlotte, NC area. Prior to joining Flagship Jon worked as a RMA, Cast Tech, and Maintenance Technician for OrthoCarolina for 7 years.

Originally from a small town on the banks of Lake Erie in Ohio, Jon moved to NC in 1984. He began his emergency career in 1981 and continued work in that field until he retired as a paramedic in 2011. Jon also served as a volunteer firefighter from 1982 until his retirement from that field in 2012.

Jon is a proud family man with 3 stepchildren and 7 grandchildren. He enjoys spending time in the outdoors on his hobbies, which include camping, fishing, hiking, scuba diving, gardening, hunting, wood-splitting, and riding his motorcycle.

Fun Fact

I have achieved a deep-dive depth of 150 feet while scuba diving.