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To provide extraordinary stewardship and outcomes for all we gratefully serve in healthcare real estate.


At Flagship Healthcare Properties, we are:

Considerate – We approach others with compassion and courtesy in every interaction. This means consciously listening with an open, empathetic mind and heart. We strive to treat others with honor and integrity. When we do this, we build more than goodwill—we build lasting relationships.

We embrace the Golden Rule.  

Responsive – When we’re called upon, we listen and we act promptly. In this way, we signal that we honor and respect the needs of those who depend upon us, and genuinely care for them. Listening attentively enables us to act responsibly and create solutions that drive results. Consistent proactivity, responsiveness and reliability over time enables others to trust us and ultimately gives them peace of mind.

We listen and act with urgency.

 Optimistic Our inclination is to be positive in the face of obstacles, to believe in the goodwill of people, and to embrace life with exuberance. Optimism is more than hoping for the best. We encourage ourselves and others to see possibilities in challenges and work with enthusiasm to expect and bring about positive outcomes.

We see bright possibilities.

 Excellence – We are driven to be the best we can be. We aspire towards continual improvement and mastery of our craft, and we realize that extraordinary outcomes are the product of working collaboratively with our team members who are also subject-matter experts.

We relentlessly pursue excellence.

 Grateful – We’ve been given opportunities to grow and succeed by our clients, investors, and co-workers, and we don’t take that for granted. We consider these to be gifts and appreciate those who entrust us to turn those opportunities into great achievements.

We graciously acknowledge the opportunities we’re given.