Flagship Healthcare Properties’ property and asset managers are supported by an integrated team of engineering professionals to provide maintenance services to medical, office, retail, and property associations. Together, they implement proactive monitoring, routine maintenance, and performance enhancing improvements.

Quality Performance

Responsive and reliable, Flagship Healthcare Properties is 100% committed to serving our clients in every way possible to achieve desired results. Our engineering professionals go above and beyond to keep your facility in pristine condition, preventatively maintained and inspected.

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

We set up all equipment and maintenance items in a PM module as a part of our work order system. A maintenance technician will be assigned a work order to complete PM’s on schedule. With this system in place, preventive maintenance on a piece of equipment will never be overlooked.

General Maintenance

Our team proactively corrects any deficiencies found during a preventive maintenance task. Additionally, Flagship Healthcare Properties will correct any maintenance related item requested by the tenant, and is available 24/7 to respond to emergency maintenance needs.

Vendor Management & Contract Oversight

We provide vendor management and contract oversight for the various services provided.