Flagship Healthcare Properties is manager of Flagship Healthcare Trust, Inc. (Flagship REIT), a private real estate investment trust that owns clinical healthcare assets in the Southeastern and Southern Mid-Atlantic United States.

Flagship REIT holds interest in more than 100 healthcare properties valued at over $989 million. Flagship REIT’s current portfolio includes more than 2.63 million square feet of medical office space and approximately 330+ tenants.

Formed in 2018, Flagship REIT aims to aggressively grow its portfolio through adding core-plus, value-add, and development projects in support of and in partnership with healthcare providers, allowing them to focus their capital and resources to deliver the highest quality patient care.

The REIT’s formation was primarily the result of the conversion of Flagship’s prior closed-end funds, with more than 93% of these legacy fund investors electing to convert their ownership into the REIT. The transition from a series of closed-end funds to an open-ended private REIT structure was an important milestone for Flagship.

Flagship views healthcare real estate investment and relationships as long-term in nature. The private REIT structure provides a greater alignment of interests and objectives with our investment partners, our tenants, and our employees.

Alexis Budge

Executive Vice President and Director of Investor Relations

J. Brannen Edge III

Managing Partner, President & Chief Executive Officer

R. Downie Saussy

Executive Vice President, Investor Relationships

Gordon A. Soderlund

Executive Vice President, Strategic Relationships