In property assessment engagements, Flagship seeks to identify and recommend optimal solutions that align with your real estate, capital, outpatient, growth and recruitment strategies. We will identify ways to maximize the value of each property – owned or leased – so that it better aligns with your long term goals. In some cases, a property will need to be prepared for a potential monetization. In others, marketing and leasing strategies or repositioning and renovation efforts will improve each building’s role in your goal to deliver excellent care to the community.

Before you consider a new development, we will help you examine the real estate you already own. What is its fiscal and physical condition? Is it strategic to your operations? Is it being used efficiently and effectively? Is it compliant with regulatory requirements? With an investment of additional capital, can it be repositioned or repurposed for a better, more contributive use, or should it be replaced? Should it be sold? How much capital could you raise through a monetization? Our role is to help you get answers to these questions and position your real estate portfolio for more optimal performance.

As you consider an engagement to evaluate your real estate, know that we offer an extensive array of services from which to choose to tailor an assessment plan that meets your specific needs. In every case, however, we will always be cognizant of your mission – to provide high-quality, compassionate care.

Gordon A. Soderlund

Executive Vice President, Strategic Relationships

Rex A. Noble

Executive Vice President, Asset Management

Devereaux “Dev” A. Gregg

Executive Vice President, Development