Asset Management

Flagship Healthcare Properties provides asset management services for a portfolio of more than 3 million square feet of primarily healthcare properties. As asset managers, our focus is on the property as a financial asset and the recommendations we present to owners and clients are those that impact a property’s financial performance, with an eye toward both short-term cash flow and long-term appreciation and value-creation. Every asset is unique and requires an ownership mentality that remains mindful of market changes and opportunities, economic factors that affect tenancy and the necessary knowledge and relationships surrounding financing and capital markets. Flagship’s role is to act on behalf of owners with a focus on increasing the value of each asset through a customized strategic asset plan.

Our clients include real estate funds, family offices and foundations, individual owners, institutional investors, and accredited private investors, each of whom turns to Flagship to act on their behalf through a property’s life cycle.

Some of our Asset Management Services include:

  • Property level enhancements and capital improvement recommendations
  • Market level positioning and competitive analysis
  • Budgeting oversight, distributions and financial reserve recommendations
  • Selection and management of third party managers, leasing agents, and vendors
  • Brokerage representation involving lease and sale transactions
  • Coordination and oversight involving contracted tenant build outs and capital improvements
  • Regular property visits to build and maintain optimal tenant relations and coordination with property managers
  • Consultation with established lender network and analysis of financing or refinancing alternatives to ensure the ideal financing structure is implemented

Ryan M. Dawson

Senior Vice President, Asset Management

Rex A. Noble

Executive Vice President, Asset Management

Kimberly “Kim” A. Smith

Vice President, Lease Administration