Physician’s Plaza of Hendersonville

35,000 SF


Physicians Plaza of Hendersonville is an approximately 35,000 SF medical office building located at 100 Springhouse Court in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Flagship Healthcare Properties was engaged as Property Manager by Starwood Capital Group.


  • The ability to cultivate strong tenant relationships and ensure timely responses to their needs is critical to the overall success of the property. Assuring the client of Flagship’s ability to overcome these challenges as well as those presented by the asset’s location and proximity to the firm’s other managed properties was critical in successfully securing this assignment.
  • Paramount for our client to ensure success of the asset, Flagship is tasked with reducing building expenses while maintaining the critical services required by the tenants.


  • Flagship engaged a third party sub-manager local to the area. Under Flagship’s oversight, this local manager interacts with the tenants on a day-to-day basis. Flagship’s regional manager makes quarterly visits to the property cultivating relationships with each tenant. Additionally, Flagship conducts regular practice manager meetings, which promotes a partnership with the tenants and provides essential feedback for improving their tenancy experience.
  • Expanding on our relationship with national and regional service providers assists with reducing overall expenses of the asset. Flagship also partners with local management companies to leverage their resources and further enhance our efforts.