Telehealth and the Medical Office Building

Written by: Gordon Soderlund Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers scrambled to identify alternative solutions to continue serving patients. As cases and deaths mounted, healthcare providers suspended elective surgeries, altered their patient flow protocols in outpatient and inpatient environments, fell victim to rampant shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) and ICU beds, and […]

The Case for Healthcare Real Estate Investment in the Southeastern United States

The southeastern United States is renowned for its forecasts of sunshine and happiness, but it’s getting crowded. The lovely weather of the Southeast doesn’t only make for great golf, it draws people to move and stay here, and population growth benefits almost all investment theses. As populations increase, so does their demand for goods and […]

7 Ways to Cut Medical Office Building (MOB) Operating Costs

1) Perform an Energy Audit There are many willing firms to conduct energy audits of commercial facilities. Contract with one to benchmark your facility and determine if energy costs are in line with other buildings of the same product type. Findings from an audit could report that minor adjustments to the HVAC system, lighting, or […]

Retail Healthcare: The New Normal?

More frequently than ever, former retail spaces, including big box grocery stores, department stores, malls, and other large blocks of space, are being retrofitted and repurposed to accommodate health systems and physician practices. There are numerous elements contributing to this convergence of retail and healthcare real estate. First, it’s helpful to understand that most metropolitan […]

Blue Premier Value-Based Care Model and its Impact on Real Estate

Blue Cross Blue Shield and five major North Carolina health systems announced an agreement in January 2019 that means a big shift towards value-based care across the state. Duke University Health, UNC Health Care, Cone Health, Wake Forest Baptist Health and WakeMed Health, along with their respective accountable care organizations (ACOs), announced they will adopt […]